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The worm has turned: how British insect farms could spawn a food revolution

How insects could feed the world

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Insekter: (Måske) Fremtidens fødevare


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“The future of food and agriculture – trends and challenges”

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Vil du vide noget om fødevaresikkerhed og lovgivning i forhold til  insekter, så læs Fødevarestyrelsens rapport og EFSA’s rapport om risici forbundet med insekter som foder og føde:

Fødevarestyrelsens rapport

EFSA rapporten

EFSA rapporten er en lang og lidt tung sag, så her er hovedtrækkene:

In summary, the opinion concluded that:

• the main risk are the food substrates and the handling and storage of farmed insects rather than the insects species themselves;

• mammalian prions cannot replicate in insects, and therefore insects are not considered to be possible biological vectors and amplifiers of prions unless ruminant or human substrates are used as feed;

• when currently allowed feed materials in the EU are used to feed insects, the possible occurrence of bacterial and viral hazards are equal or lower to other sources of protein of animal origin and should not pose any additional risk;

• chemical accumulation is the main unknown; heavy metals have been shown to accumulate in some species of insects but we have too little published data to draw further conclusions; and

• the use of other substrates currently not allowed in EU to feed insects, such as post-consumer food wastes and organic side stream manure, must be specifically evaluated.

Følgende er videnskabelige artikler om Entomophagy:

Følg med i de seneste videnskabelige publikationer om insekter her:

Journal of insects as food and feed

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